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Eliminate Malware & Vulnerabilities with SiteLock Website Security

While SSL is the strongest tool to encrypt online communication, your website also faces threats from malicious malware and common vulnerabilities. These types of intrusions can defraud customer trust, erode brand equity, jeopardize customer data, and affect an organization’s bottom line.

Malicious software’s goal is to embed itself within your website to perpetuate online fraud, obtain identity credentials or steal intellectual property. To fight back, Entrust offers a pair of website security packages to customers from our trusted partner SiteLock. These website security tools help you find and fix malware and vulnerabilities on your website and protect your website from search engine and email blacklists.

Basic Website Security Bundle

Entrust includes basic website security protection with every organization validated SSL certificate. With our Basic Website Security Bundle, you can run daily malware scans of up to 250 Web pages and maintain your corporate IT reputation with search engine blacklist and spam monitoring. Our website security bundles ensure your site is always accessible to visitors. Scan results are provided to you via an online dashboard and email alerts when malware is found.

Our free and optional Basic Website Security Bundle — included with Standard, Advantage, Unified Communication and Wildcard certificates — protects one domain name per certificate (chosen by the user) for the lifetime of the certificate. Plus, it’s simple to manage your SiteLock website security controls via an easy-to-use, Web-based portal, accessible directly through your Entrust Certificate Services account.

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Enhanced Website Security Bundle

Available with all Entrust EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates, our Enhanced Website Security package includes everything in the Basic package, while adding automatic malware removal, website and network vulnerability scans. Search up to 500 pages to find and remove malicious malware.

Organizations using Entrust EV SSL certificates receive the complimentary Enhanced Website Security package for one domain name per certificate (chosen by user) for the lifetime of the certificate. Additionally, the enhanced website security bundle provides website vulnerability scanning for SQLi and XSS as well as monitoring your website for search engine and email blacklists.

Like with the Basic package, manage your website security controls via the Web-based portal provided by our partner SiteLock.

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Why Layer Website Security?

  • Use SSL encryption to secure websites and identities
  • Find and remove malware
  • Prevent domain blacklisting
  • Eliminate website vulnerabilities
  • Remove network weaknesses