Securing Digital Identities & Information

Web Authentication

Web authentication enables data security, identity theft protection and a secure user experience. The strength of an organization’s Web authentication method should match the value of the information and resources opened for access.

Entrust delivers a variety of Web authentication methods for varying security and user requirements:

Securing What’s at Risk: A Common Sense Approach to Protecting Users Online

Strong Authentication Platform

Entrust IdentityGuard enables organizations to layer security — according to access requirements or the risk of a given transaction — across diverse users and applications. The solution provides broad support for a variety of authentication levels and methods, giving an organization the flexibility to choose the combination that provides the right level of security while taking into consideration the cost and impact on the user experience. Entrust IdentityGuard is an excellent choice for either enterprise authentication or organizations looking for a cost-effective method to authenticate a consumer audience.

PKI for Strong Web Authentication

The Entrust TruePass solution makes it possible to check the identity of individuals that are visiting and using a Web portal using a digital certificate. Supporting a broad range of authentication methods, including tokens and smart cards, the Entrust TruePass solution makes it possible to achieve a positive identification of users connecting to an organization’s Web portal. Combined with PKI encryption, the Entrust TruePass solution can help deliver end-to-end Web security with unmatched ease of use and user transparency.

Managing Access with Web Authentication

The Entrust GetAccess server centrally manages access to multiple applications through a single Internet portal, providing users with single sign-on web authentication to applications and content they are authorized to see.

SSL Certificates for Web Authentication

Entrust Advantage and Extended Validation SSL certificates establish trusted, secure connections between an organization’s Web site and its visitor. Affordable and easy to manage, Entrust SSL digital certificates are a necessary tool to help protect your customers from online fraud, phishing or man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Entrust SSL digital certificates help you increase confidence in your Web site. Our SSL certificates offer up to 256-bit encryption and our officially recognized by more than 99.6 percent of all browsers in use today.