Defending consumers and brands from fraud attacks

Fraud attacks are growing at an exponential rate and represent a great risk to consumer confidence in online services. Successful fraud attacks can significantly damage consumers’confidence in your institution and can directly impact your cost of doing business as consumers choose not to conduct their transactions online. Successful fraud attacks can also cause costly long term damage to your corporate brand image.

Entrust TransactionGuard is an essential tool for fighting fraud
Entrust TransactionGuard is a software-based monitoring tool that looks for fraudulent behavior and access patterns in the massive volumes of data generated by transactional web sites. It examines this data and identifies potentially suspicious behavior and high risk activities without impacting the user experience or system performance.

Risk Based Authentication offers a layered defense
Entrust TransactionGuard is a key element of the Entrust Risk Based Consumer Authentication solution. This solution, composed of Entrust TransactionGuard and Entrust IdentityGuard, helps defend against fraud by layering authentication methods to the risk associated with individual transactions.

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