Please Note:  Registrant agrees and acknowledges that Entrust shall not be responsible and shall not be liable to registrant or anyone else for any bodily injury or damages to tangible property caused by or incurred by registrant during registrant’s participation in Entrust training.

Please forward all training correspondence to the following address:
1000 Innovation Drive
Ottawa, ON K2K 3E7
Attn:  Training Coordinator

Class Price:  Price is for 1 student.  Taxes to be applied according to Training Location


Course Name USD/BP Course Name USD
Entrust Authority Security Manager Comprehensive ( 5 days ) $3995.00
Entrust IdentityGuard Comprehensive (5 days) $3995.00
Entrust GetAccess Comprehensive
( 4 days )
Managing users in Entrust Authority Security Manager Administration $1598.00
Entrust Authority Security Toolkit for Developers Training (4 days) $3195.00
Managing users in Entrust Authority Administration Services $1598.00