The Time is Now

The Time is Now

The launch of Entrust IdentityGuard 10 on June 1 could not have been more timely. Entrust IdentityGuard provides a single versatile software authentication platform, including the broadest range of authenticators in the market (14 total), via a single platform. As you know, Entrust IdentityGuard also brings together — in that same versatile authentication platform — the elements required for physical, logical AND mobile access for enterprises and governments.

With Entrust IdentityGuard, if one of the 14 authenticators was breached, the customer in a matter of hours could seamlessly move their entire organization to another form factor. This platform-based authentication approach would have drastically reduced the risk level and inconvenience suffered by customers of breached security vendors.

We support hard tokens and hard tokens are a viable solution for our customers. However, if tokens are used they should be part of a multilayered authentication strategy to ensure that enterprises and governments have the flexibility to deal with issues such as those that arose from the attacks on RSA. In the end, the token-only approach does not work.

Today, Entrust announced a hard token replacement program for organizations switching to Entrust IdentityGuard.

Our focus is not only to give organizations an alternative to replacing tokens, but also providing the opportunity to trade up, to a true software platform. This program also puts an emphasis on mobility, which is one of the biggest issues organizations face today.

The Offer

Trade in your hardware token and we will give you mobile AND soft authenticators free.

Beginning today, organizations that currently use a hard token-based solution may trade in the devices for Entrust’s mobile and soft token factors of authentications in a one-for-one swap for up to 5,000 users

At a time when the cybersecurity of your organization needs to be flexible and adaptive why, are you sticking with a solution that is anything but? The out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all approach is not working and your organization should up-grade to a true software authentication platform. Out with the old! Trade up by contacting Entrust today!!


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