• Leveraging Consumerization Concepts to Combat Security Threats

    Let me be clear right up front. Yes, cybersecurity threats are real. Yes, they are growing in volume and in sophistication. And, yes,  they are the root of the problem. BUT, one of the underlying frustrations I have with the cyber-threat situation is that, in general, many organizations remain anything but creative and strategic when it comes to implementing effective

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  • NFC – It’s all about the consumer first

    Part 3 of 5 in the Series — Consumerization & NFC
    Our first Google Wallet customer Not a bad take on a classic Seinfeld scene! So, it’s pretty clear that George’s wallet is super full. I’d guess that he has a number of things crammed in there: Credit cards IDs (driver’s license, health/insurance card, etc.) Cash Loyalty / Membership cards (i.e. Starbucks card, Library card, transit, etc.) Business cards Coupons Notes

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