Survey: Site Seals vs Reliable Security – Which is Most Important?

There is a lot of hype right now about a major player in the SSL security space “rebranding” itself as the go-to SSL provider. But hype and big brand names alone shouldn’t influence security buying decisions. While this sounds logical, too many companies and organizations pay a premium for an over-marketed SSL trust seal. Entrust recently commissioned a survey on consumer attitudes regarding the security of online banking and shopping transactions. The results were intriguing.

The survey, conducted by Riskey Business Solutions, finds 61 percent of respondents believe Internet security is “extremely important” when engaging in online transactions. The study also reveals respondents place the least amount of trust on the website’s site seal. Instead, they project a higher degree of trust on the brand reputation of the website owner.

This suggests the security of a transaction or purchase rests upon the website brand, as opposed to the actual SSL provider. According to the survey, online-banking customers rely on the reputation of the website owners, while online shoppers have more trust in the protection from their credit card companies. In fact, trust seals ranked last in significance.

This being the case, it is imperative for financial institutions and merchants to check the pedigree of their information security provider, especially the company’s track record for delivering reliable, consistent security solutions. Ultimately, financial institutions and online merchants should be less concerned with a site seal being the determining factor for customers’ buying habits, but rather their diligence in selecting their security provider.

In terms of making that decision, a white paper from Frost & Sullivan, entitled “Easing the Pains of Certificate Management: An Overview of Entrust, the No. 2 Provider of SSL Certificates in the Market,” identifies Entrust as the No. 2 global SSL provider. Citing the company as a recognized and internationallytrusted digital certificate provider, the report also references Entrust as a leader in customer service, as well comprehensive management and discovery platforms, overseeing a wide range of certificates. Overall, working with an SSL vendor with a reliable track record for offering high-assurance certificates is emphasized by Frost & Sullivan as an important attribute.

The survey and white paper articulate that the quality of a complete SSL solution — from certificate management, to discovery, to a comprehensive certificate offering — should be the driving factor when selecting a provider.
The scope or reach of a company’s marketing machine does little to properly protect consumers. Entrust is repeatedly proven to be the expert in providing a comprehensive information security platform with scalable and reliable solutions that are trusted by the world’s leading governments, financial intuitions and enterprises.


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