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What is Entrust Remote Signing Service?

The Entrust Remote Signing Service is your digital signature provider. It's a cloud-based signing service that generates digital signatures on your behalf, when you request one from your document application.

Digital signatures are a high assurance type of electronic signature since they carry your verified identity. They are based on a technology that works with digital certificates that Entrust issues and stores in your Entrust Remote Signing Service account.

Once the service is set up and connected to your document application (for example, Adobe Reader/Adobe Sign), you can start adding digital signatures to your documents.

  • Your application will call the Entrust Remote Signing Service to request the signature on your behalf
  • Once you are strongly authenticated, the service will generate the signature on the document

Remote signing is the opposite of local signing, where you store the digital certificate yourself in secure hardware such as a smartcard or an HSM.

Supported Document and Signature Workflow Providers

The Entrust Remote Signing Service directly integrates with the following document workflow providers:

Entrust Desktop Virtual Card for Windows

The Entrust Desktop Virtual Card is a plug-in for Microsoft Windows environments. It acts like a bridge between your computer and the Entrust Remote Signing Service, allowing you to digitally sign documents using your preferred Windows software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The plug-in will communicate with your Entrust Remote Signing account to request digital signatures.

Software and user guide

Certificate chains

For standard remote signing certificates (Adobe Approved Trust List)
The zip file includes the following:

  • Root CA - Certification Authority (2048)
  • Intermediate CA - Entrust Class 3 Client CA - SHA256

Download Standard (AATL) Certificate Chain

For eIDAS qualified remote signing certificates (European Union Trust List)
The zip file includes the following:

  • Root CA - Entrust Root Certification Authority - G4 (only required for Windows Trust)
  • Root CA - Entrust Digital Signing Root Certification Authority - DSR1
  • Download Intermediate CA - Entrust Certification Authority - ES QSig2

Download eIDAS (EUTL) Certificate Chain

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an internet connection to sign my documents with the Entrust Remote Signing Service?

Yes, an internet connection is required, since the document signatures are generated from the cloud.

What type of documents can I sign with the Entrust Remote Signing Service?

The Entrust Remote Signing Service is typically used for PDF documents. However, we recommend that you check with your document application for any other format you may be interested in.

What is the maximum file size I can send for signing?

The Entrust Remote Signing Service does not actually receive your documents. Instead, your application sends only a "hash value" of each document that needs to be signed. A hash value, a random string of characters, is only a few bytes long, even if your file is very large. 

If you're using an online application to request a signature, you should check with the application provider for any file size restrictions.

How secure is the process? Can I safely send sensitive documents for signing?

Because the Entrust Remote Signing Service receives only hash values rather than the actual documents, we will never hold and store any sensitive information. Connection to the Remote Signing Service, including your Remote Signing Portal, is established using strong authentication and secure communications.

Can I download a Linux or MacOS version of the virtual card?

We currently provide only a Windows version of the virtual smart card.