Supervalu Grocery Chain Suffers Data Breach


It was announced this week that a data breach at grocery chain Supervalu may have affected 200 stores as well as retail chains recently sold by the company in dozens of states. Sources familiar with the breach estimated that as many as 1,000 stores may have been impacted, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The breach occurred sometime between late June and mid July 2014 and may have been caused by hackers gaining access to Supervalu’s point-of-sale (POS) system and installing malicious software.

The compromised system processes transactions and contained account numbers, expiration dates, names and other information pertaining to customer credit cards. According to The Associated Press, the compromised systems are still in use at the stores sold off by Supervalu in September 2013, which could potentially open up customers at those locations to data loss as well.

Other recent high-profile data breaches have also been caused by exploited POS systems, including those that occurred at Neiman Marcus, P.F. Chang’s and Goodwill Industries. Supervalu stores had sales of approximately $17 billion last year, according to the Journal, making them a valued target by cybercriminals looking to collect a large amount of cardholder data at once.

Protecting Against Data Theft
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