Strong Security to Access a Mobile Device? It better be easy!

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easyI read and commented on an interesting blog post by Craig Mathias of NetworkWorld related to stronger authentication to access your mobile device – he suggested possible physical factors such as tokens, smart cards etc communicating through some form of wireless protocol such as bluetooth, RFID or  NFC.  I think his intentions are in the right place but when we see some of the painful side effects  of using a physical device for second factor authentication, (check out this somewhat humorous story related to a CEO on safari published in  ComputerWorld earlier this month) I believe there may be better options. For strong / second factor authentication  to a mobile device, I think biometrics holds a lot of promise.

I know, I know…. I took a different view on biometrics in my blog posting 2 weeks ago but I think the use case and type of biometric approach determines when it can be a good application of technology.


Entrust Product Management
Entrust Product Management
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