Fighting Inaccurate Perceptions: Mobile Devices are More Secure than PCs


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Secure the Identity, Defeat Malware with Mobile

Whether used for secure physical and logical access, authenticators for digital identities, platforms for soft tokens or even as tools to verify desktop-based transactions to defeat malware, mobile devices are currently the most secure platform available.

Even with today’s sandboxed mobile applications, secure operating systems and savvy mobile users, the perception remains that mobile devices aren’t computers to be taken seriously — and, as a result, aren’t as secure.

To discover the truth, watch Entrust’s complimentary webinar that outlines the current malware threats and explores how to overcome them using proven identity-based security solutions.

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The Power of Certificates

Device certificates provide strong identity authentication to enable secure Wi-Fi or VPN access. When using certificate-based security on mobile devices, organizations can defend themselves against unauthorized sharing of Wi-Fi passwords. These certificates are unique for each device they are provisioned.

Digital certificates may be provisioned and managed through a variety of methods. Whether deployed via cloud or on-premise models, organizations may select the method that best suits their security needs, budget and environment.

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