Entrust SSL Subscription Comparison

Entrust SSL Subscription Service Comparison

If you’re still unsure which Entrust SSL subscription is best for you, we’re happy to help. This easy-to-understand SSL Subscription Service Comparison chart outlines the differences between Entrust’s subscription offerings — enabling you to make the smartest decision for your organization.

 Pooling ModelNon-Pooling Model
DescriptionConcurrent Licenses
Purchase an inventory of licenses for an annual term (one to four years) and issue all licenses concurrently for any validity from 2-39 months.
Certificate Credits
Purchase certificate credits (valued in unit-years) for specific lifetimes and deploy them as needed (e.g., purchase 10 credits and issue five two-year certificates; purchase six credits and issue two three-year certificates).
Purchase 20 licenses for one year. At any time during the year you can have up to 20 certificates issued for any lifetime. Once the year expires, renew 20 or more licenses.
Up-Front Budgeting
Purchase 20 unit-years and immediately issue, for example, 10 two-year certificates. You won't have to purchase additional certificates for those specific servers for two years. And each unit is good for a year of issuance.
Account StatusTerm Expiry
Requires simultaneous account renewal for all certificate licenses.
Active Expiry
Account remains active for the duration of the longest active certificate.
Issuance PeriodsVersatility
Issue certificates anywhere from two to 39 months. Pick the expiry date to meet your schedule so expiries are not left to weekends, holidays or known busy periods.
Use certificates with lifetimes from one to three years.
Cost PredictabilityMinimizing Expiry Costs
If certificate pool is exhausted, additional certificates are pro-rated to expiry, minimizing unexpected costs. Additional renewals are then for the new license amount with potential volume, term and renewal discounts.
Up-Front Investment
Costs are realized up-front at the time of need and/or purchase, but can be difficult to predict. Provides the best options for organizations that are billing back the cost of certificates to clients or internal user groups.
Best OptionFlexibility
When you require maximum flexibility for certificate issuance and lifetimes.
When exact individuals certificate costs are required. These certificates are always issued in unit-years, allowing your organization to properly re-issue or re-bill single certificates.

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