Entrust SSL is Security

Icon_SSL BP lockupSecure Sockets Layer (SSL) digital certificates are electronic files that are used to identify people and resources over networks such as the Internet. Digital certificates also enable secure, confidential communication between two parties using encryption.
Certificates are issued by a Certification Authority (CA). Much like the role of a passport office, the CA validates the certificate holder’s identity and “signs” the certificate so that it cannot be tampered with or altered.

Cutting Edge Encryption

Your website’s security is our number one priority. That’s why Entrust certificates feature cutting-edge 256-bit encryption – the most secure encryption available – to secure your data. Entrust certificates support SHA-2 algorithms with ECC used in our root certificates, delivering the strongest security and increased performance.

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Protect and authenticate identities in the cloud

The protection and authentication of digital identities is one of the key components in securing online transactions or communications. Entrust is diligent in ensuring we meet or exceed industry requirements for the issuance and management of publicly-trusted certificates and SSL Security. This added level of authentication makes it more difficult for your identity to be misused and your account compromised.

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Safe Use of Wildcard Certificates

Properly managed Wildcard Secure Socket Layer Certificates can provide increased flexibility for system administrators, but they come with increased risk. Entrust recommends using proper safeguards when deploying Wildcard certificates.

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Safe Use of Multi-Server Digital Certificates

Properly managed, multi-server certificates can provide increased flexibility. However, they also decrease SSL Security and increase the probability of eavesdrop and impersonation attacks. Entrust recommends using proper safeguards when deploying multi-server certificates.

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Entrust Legal Repository

This page contains information relating to the use and issuance of certificates by Entrust

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