SSL False Start Performance Results

Bruce Morton

As a follow-up to ‘Google is speeding up SSL’, Google has reported very favorable SSL False Start performance results. In summary, False Start reduces the latency of a SSL handshake by 30 percent. In addition, Google has implemented False Start into Chrome so that it is basically 100 percent backwards-compatible.

Google Chrome is the only browser implemented with False Start. The results are encouraging enough that hopefully more browsers will consider this approach as well.

Bruce Morton
Bruce Morton
Director, Certificate Technology & Standards

Bruce Morton has worked in the public key infrastructure and digital certificate industry for more than 15 years and has focused on SSL and other publicly trusted certificates since 2005. He has been an active member of the CA/Browser Forum that released guidelines for extended validation (EV) certificates and Baseline Requirements for SSL certificates. Bruce oversees the governance and compliance of Entrust’s publicly trusted PKI.


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