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Rely on a trusted certificate authority

It’s crucial to work with a globally accredited and certified partner for a trusted identity verification process. Entrust provides digital signing solutions based on trusted and compatible digital certificates for maximum interoperability and recognition.

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Integrate digital signing with your document management

Digital signing shouldn’t be a pain for your employees. Use a solution that is fully compatible and integrated to your current environment and applications.

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Verify the connections between people and documents

Identity-verified signatures for a document’s authors and signers are worth the effort, because anyone with a compatible PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat can verify signatures themselves.

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Use the names of legal entities, not individuals

Digital signing is not limited to individuals. Apply digital seals to your corporate documents to bind them to your legal entity.

The benefits of digital signatures

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Document ownership and accountability

Enable your employees to keep control of their documents, identify document owners, or display your verified brand name on corporate assets.

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Reduced risk of impersonation

Limit the risk of signature forgery and document fraud with dynamic, timestamped, and verifiable signatures and seals.

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Trusted identity verification process

Digital certificates are based on proven and universally recognized PKI technology that is used across the globe by major PDF software.

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