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Security beyond the perimeter

While connected machines like CPAPs, dialysis machines, and pacemakers make digital healthcare delivery feasible, this model also removes the safety of the hospital network perimeter introducing several new threat vectors. Healthcare organizations need a secure way to engage with patients remotely and digitally deliver healthcare services.

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Digital patient onboarding and authentication

Providing healthcare services beyond the perimeter starts with digital identity proofing for secure self-service patient identity verification. Once a patient is authenticated, secure credentials can be issued either to a digital device or physical card.

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Flexible credential issuance

These physical and digital identities can be issued en masse from a central location. Alternatively, instantly activated physical and digital credentials can be generated from any distributed site connected to the health system's secure network

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Digitized transactions and payments

Ensure the authenticity of remote transactions, including lab requisitions, prescription signing, and insurance claims with a digital signature service that eliminates the need for paper-based approvals and consent, and improves efficiency, security and traceability.

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Secure vaccination and test credentials

Issue secure digital or physical credentials to validate a citizen is up to date on vaccines. Protect citizen privacy and data with encryption, while also ensuring only authorized access to vaccination/test credentials.

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