Identity Authentication at the Border

In order to facilitate interoperability across countries, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) set global standards for ePassports. Since the ePassport contains sensitive personal information, the security and integrity of the ePassport are critical.

Interoperable, scalable and validated by third-party testing, Entrust ePassport solutions provide the necessary capabilities — whether via a hosted or in-house model — for the proper issuance and inspection of today’s advanced ePassports.


Based on trusted public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, Entrust provides solutions for first- and second-generation ePassports. In fact, ePassport technology is based on two current standards: Basic Access Control (BAC) and Extended Access Control (EAC).

Entrust has two specific ePassport security solutions: Country Signing Solution (also known as BAC) and Country Verifying Solution (also known as EAC).

By managing the full lifecycles of certificate-based digital identities, Entrust Authority PKI serves as the core of Entrust’s ePassport solution. Entrust’s proven PKI enables encryption, digital signature and authentication capabilities to be consistently and transparently applied across a broad range of applications and platforms.

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Whether for simple BAC ePassports or a more advanced EAC framework, Entrust provides the proven solutions to properly and securely issue ePassports for multimillion-user populations.

Entrust is a pioneer of PKI technology, which serves as the backbone for securing sensitive information on today’s ePassports. And Entrust is one of the few vendors capable of handling the scale, complexity and reliability demanded by the EAC framework.


Advanced ePassport travel documents aren’t effective unless properly inspected. Entrust provides the necessary components for proper document inspection — from a single, proven vendor — and can include integration with both the ICAO PKD as well as domestic no-fly lists.

By leveraging proven hosted or in-house public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, Entrust provides border control agencies the ability to properly read and verify first- and second-generation eMRTDs. For organizations who opt for the hosted service, this approach simplifies deployment by removing the need for dedicated hardware, facilities and expertise.

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Master List

In development by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Master List Signing is a simple method to reduce expensive, time-consuming duplication that exists in the current ePassport verification process.

To help reduce costs and streamline electronic machine-readable travel document (eMRTD) inspection procedures, Entrust provides unique capabilities that enable countries to efficiently manage the Master List Signing process.

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