Securing Digital Identities & Information

Smartcards and USB Tokens

Smartcards and USB Tokens can be used to add two-factor authentication to online and desktop applications.

Entrust supports a wide variety of industry smartcards through smartcard integration with Entrust Authority Security Manager PKI. Entrust also distributes Gemalto’s SafeNet eToken 5110 (formerly iKey 2032 token). Integrating your smartcard or USB token deployment with Entrust’s managed PKI can help simplify and expedite your strong authentication implementation.

Smartcard integration between Entrust PKI product portfolio and third-party Card Management Systems (CMS) is possible using Entrust Authority Enrollment Server for Smartcards. The Enrollment Server for Smartcards issues digital certificates for leading third-party Card Management Systems (CMS) using an XML messaging interface between the CMS and the Entrust Authority Security Manager. It simplifies and expedites integration of trust into the card manufacturing process; enabling the CMS to request, enroll and manage large volumes of certificates with the Entrust Authority PKI.

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Entrust USB Tokens are based on a collaboration with Gemalto to distribute SafetNet eTokens (iKey 2032) as Entrust USB Tokens.  Entrust USB Tokens are designed to securely store an individual’s digital identity (digital ID), specifically their Entrust digital certificates and keys.

These portable tokens plug into a computer’s USB port either directly or using a USB extension cable. When users attempt to login to applications via the desktop, VPN/WLAN or Web portal, they will be prompted to enter their unique PIN number. If the entered PIN number matches the PIN within the Entrust USB Token, the appropriate digital credentials are passed to the network and access is granted. PIN numbers stored on the token are encrypted for added security.

Together with Entrust’s leading PKI product portfolio, Entrust USB Tokens provide a comprehensive, scalable security solution that meets customer needs for stronger authentication, encryption and digital signatures.

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