ShmooCon 2012 is Happening Soon!

Entrust CTO

Next week, the ShmooCon security conference will happen in Washington DC. Over the weekend of January 27-29, there will be thirty-some talks about hacking, computer security, law, and just plain fun.

I’m one of the organizers, myself. I’m a member of The Shmoo Group and co-chair of the program committee along with Ben Laurie of Google. I’m pleased to say as well that the keynote speaker will be Peter Gutmann, who has an exciting keynote planned. Best of all, Entrust is a sponsor.

ShmooCon has more than just talks. Learn to pick locks at the Lockpick Village. You can learn to set up secure networks at ShmooCon Labs. (If you’re interested in ShmooCon Labs, check the web site. It starts before the conference proper starts — you’ll be helping to set up the conference network — and there is an additional, separate registration for the labs.) There is also the Ghost in the Shellcode hacking contest, which is a Capture-the-Flag style event, as well as the Hack Fortress contest, which is a game in which part of each team hacks and the other part plays Team Fortress 2. There is also the Barcode Shmarcode contest, in which people incorporate ShmooCon barcodes into works of art.

I hope that I will see you there. Tickets are sold out, but there are still some on eBay. Maybe there will be other options soon, too.

Entrust CTO
Entrust CTO
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