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Course: Entrust TruePass Comprehensive

The Entrust TruePass Comprehensive course is an in-depth, hands-on treatment of the end-to-end Web security and secure digital identity solution. The three-day course introduces Entrust products that provide security in a Web business environment, as well as the concept of digital identities. These products provide a comprehensive security solution, encompassing authentication, authorization, verification and privacy.

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The Entrust TruePass Comprehensive course is a three-day session that begins with a discussion of the solution’s components and architecture. In hands-on labs, students explore the planning, installation, configuration and administration of Entrust TruePass. A sample application of the TruePass API is presented and implemented. In addition, students install and integrate Entrust GetAccess with Entrust TruePass.


  • Experience with Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003
  • Experience with Web servers
  • Familiar with Entrust Authority Security Manager Administration and Entrust Entelligence Security Provider

Who should attend: This comprehensive, three-day course is intended for PKI professionals who will be responsible for planning, implementing and administering Web security using Entrust products.

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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the various forms of digital identities
  • Describe the basic architectures of Entrust TruePass and Entrust GetAccess
  • Install Entrust TruePass and Entrust GetAccess
  • Manage Entrust servers and the users therein
  • Customize the roles, policy and groups of users in Entrust GetAccess
  • Integrate Entrust TruePass authentication mechanisms with Entrust GetAccess


  • Web security requirements
  • Digital identities
  • Deploy digital identities
  • Entrust TruePass
  • Entrust TruePass pre-installation tasks
  • Install Entrust TruePass
  • Entrust TruePass authentication
  • Entrust TruePass message processing
  • Entrust TruePass file processing
  • Entrust TruePass transaction processing
  • Entrust TruePass troubleshooting
  • Entrust TruePass integration
  • Entrust GetAccess
  • Entrust GetAccess administration
  • Entrust TruePass authentication with Entrust GetAccess

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