Course: Entrust Authority Administrator Training

The Entrust Authority Administrator Training course is a hands-on, instructor-led session that provides attendees the skills needed for day-to-day management of an organization’s end-users. The one-day course features discussion and hands-on instructions using both the Entrust Authority Security Manager Administration and Entrust Authority Administration Services interfaces.

Course Description

The Entrust Authority Administrator Training begins with an introduction to certificates and Entrust Authority, which is today’s most relied upon public key infrastructure (PKI). The course discusses the various tasks and operations of Entrust Authority Administrators. Mastery of these skills is achieved through hands-on labs using the Entrust Authority Security Manager Administration and the Entrust Authority Administration Services.

Prerequisites: None

Who should attend: This course is ideal for administrators of Entrust Authority and Entrust’s Managed Services PKI (hosted service), helping to deepen the understanding of the complete new-user experience of enrollment and renewal.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and perform the day-to-day administrative tasks for Entrust Authority end-users
  • Gain needed skills for user creation and recovery
  • Perform certificate revocations, key updates, report generation and bulk operations


  • Entrust Authority Administration
  • Deploy end-users
  • Register a new user: Naming
  • Register a new user: General
  • Register a new user: Certificate Info
  • Register a new user: Key Update Options
  • The Directory
  • User lifecycle management (from Entrust Authority Security Manager Administration)
  • User operations from Entrust Authority Administration Services
  • Audit logs and user reporting
  • Bulk operations

Schedule & Pricing

There are currently no Entrust Authority Administrator Training classes scheduled.

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