Secure E-Statement Savings Calculator

The convenience of e-statements can help reduce printing and mailing costs, increase efficiency, eliminate paper waste and improve the overall customer experience. It’s important to deliver electronic statements in a manner that respects the privacy of sensitive information and ensures that only the recipient can access the content.

Not only will customers enjoy the convenience of e-statements, the benefits to the enterprise or financial institution are compelling. By implementing an encrypted e-statement model, organizations can cut printing and mailing costs. How much could you save?

Try Our: Savings CalculatorSecuring e-statements with Entrust is easy. Customers can leverage their existing statement-generator applications and have all statements generated in industry-standard PDF format and forwarded via e-mail to the Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server. Statements are automatically encrypted and sent to your customers’ e-mail inbox. Statements are decrypted with simple, but secure, password protection.

*The Secure E-statement Delivery Savings Calculator provides an estimate of possible savings.  Savings will vary based on specific customer requirements.  Costs are based on enterprise equipment deployment amortized over several years.