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Amazon Web Services KMS External Key Store (XKS) Integration Guide

This guide describes the integration of the Entrust nShield Hardware Security Module (HSM) with Amazon Web Services KMS External Key Store (XKS).
Integration Guide PDF

VMware vSphere with Entrust CloudControl

Entrust CloudControl integrates with VMware vSphere by protecting your vCenters and ESXi hosts. CloudControl organizes your vSphere inventory into categories to help you find information about your vSphere deployment.
Integration Guide PDF

Palo Alto Networks Firewall nShield HSM Integration Guide

This Integration Guide describes the deployment of a Palo Alto Networks Firewall with an nShield Connect hardware security module (HSM). The HSM securely generates and stores digital keys. It provides both logical and physical protection from non-authorized use and potential adversaries. The HSM-Firewall integration provides security by protecting the master keys. The HSM can also provide protection for the private keys used in SSL/TLS decryption, both in SSL forward proxy and SSL inbound inspection.
Integration Guide PDF

Red Hat OpenShift and Entrust CloudControl

This guide describes how to integrate Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes clusters with Entrust CloudControl.
Integration Guide PDF

Oracle MySQL and Entrust KeyControl Integration Guide

This document describes the configuration of Oracle MySQL Enterprise Server 8.0.29 for integration with the Entrust KeyControl 5.5 key management solution.
Integration Guide PDF

VMware Trust Authority and Entrust KeyControl

This guide describes the procedure to integrate Entrust KeyControl and VMware Trust Authority.
Integration Guide PDF

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Always Encrypted nShield HSM Integration Guide

Always Encrypted is a feature in Windows SQL Server 2019 designed to protect sensitive data both at rest and in flight between an on-premises client application server and Azure or SQL Server database(s). Data protected by Always Encrypted remains in an encrypted state until it has reached the on–premises client application server, this effectively mitigates man in the middle attacks and provides assurances against unauthorized activity from rogue DBAs or admins with access to Azure/SQL server Databases. Always Encrypted was designed to be used in conjunction with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) however; TDE is NOT a requisite for implementing Always Encrypted.
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An Introduction to Digital Identity Verification

The identity verification market was valued at $11B in 2022. Learn more about the importance of digital identity verification and how it works.
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HID Global Validation Authority

The nShield Hardware Security Module (HSM) can generate and store a Root of Trust (RoT) that protects security objects used by HID Global Validation Authority to safeguard user keys and credentials


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