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Best Practices for Creating a Strong Cryptographic Strategy for Ongoing Crypto Excellence

What is a Cryptographic Center of Excellence? Crypto is critical infrastructure How to navigate the demands of changing regulations and expanding use cases The importance of establishing a CryptoCoE A new approach: five building blocks for Entrust CryptoCoE Q&A
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Protection des clés de chiffrement dans des environnements hybrides

Alors que la plupart des secteurs adoptent davantage de services basés dans le cloud afin de répondre au mieux aux exigences de leurs clients et gagner en souplesse, en efficacité et en rentabilité, ils doivent garder à l'esprit que la perte, le vol ou l'utilisation abusive d'une seule clé cryptographique critique suffit à avoir un impact significatif sur l'entreprise.
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Switching Away From Paper Documents for Good

Create user-optimized, authenticated, tamper-proof pdfs with Entrust and iText. With the pandemic forcing the adoption of remote work, digital transformation has quickly made it to the top of the priority list for many organizations. Replacing paper documents with an electronic version is one of the many tasks you may be facing as part of this transformation. In this webinar, you’ll discover how easy it is to generate optimized, authenticated, tamper-proof PDF documents using iText 7 and Entrust Signing Automation Service. • Challenges of switching from paper to PDF • How iText can help (iText 7 Core) • How Entrust can help (Entrust Signing Automation Service) • Demo of how they work together • Q&A