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Adobe Acrobat Sign

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Compatible with: Entrust Remote Signing Service

Get an integrated solution for authenticated and trusted employee signatures – Adobe Acrobat Sign provides the signing portal, we provide the digital certificates (aka digital IDs).

With our Entrust Remote Signing Service, we verify employees’ identities and embed the details into digital certificates hosted in our private cloud. These “digital IDs” can then be linked to employees' Adobe Acrobat Sign accounts, enabling employees to apply authorized signatures to digital documents.

The Remote Signing Service comes with a complimentary Desktop Virtual Card, a small plug-in that enables enrolled employees to use their digital ID on Adobe Acrobat products on their computer.


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Compatible with: Entrust Signing Automation Service

Our Entrust and iText joint solution provides customized PDF document creation and manipulation workflows that integrate digital sealing and timestamping for content authenticity and integrity.

You benefit from:

  • A fully integrated and automated solution, which allows for unattended document issuance and sealing
  • Global standards and mature technology for PDFs, digital signing, and timestamping
  • Increased user confidence with visual indicators about the document’s authenticity and integrity in major PDF readers
  • Significant gains in efficiency, scalability, and trust in electronic documents

SwissSign Let's Sign

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Compatible with:

  • Entrust Signing Automation Service
  • Entrust Remote Signing Service

With the joint Entrust and SwissSign solution, document and electronic signature management is handled by the web-based SwissSign's Let’s Sign platform, and integrated certificate-based signing services to enable digital signatures for employees are provided by Entrust Digital Signing Service.

SwissSign's solution is deployed on premises, and includes a direct integration with the cloud-based Entrust Digital Signing Service that can be activated depending on the required signing scenario.

IDC Profile: Entrust Digital Signing Solutions

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