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Making payments seamless and secure

Entrust and Mastercard helped pave the way for how the world pays today. From producing some of the very first modern credit and debit cards, to enabling instant issuance from branches and ITMs, to enriching digital payments and card controls – our partnership continues to create new opportunities for more secure, seamless transactions globally.

Our Mastercard certifications

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Financial Issuance: Physical Cards

All of Entrust’s financial issuance systems – including the central issuance MX Series and the instant issuance Artista Series systems – are authorized by Mastercard for logo printing. We offer VHD and drop on demand print technologies for Mastercard issuers.

Learn more about our physical financial card issuance solutions:


Central Issuance

Instant Issuance

Financial Issuance: Digital Cards

Entrust has been recognized as a MasterCard Engage Digital First Partner. We are one of only a few technology partners providing a digital card solution that enables Mastercard cardholders to move cards into their digital wallets, remotely onboard with a bank, and secure their devices via market-leading security tools.


EMV Certification

Entrust is an approved third-party vendor in the Mastercard Key Management Services Program. This designation allows Entrust to act on behalf of Mastercard issuers to generate the EMV offline certificate request and certificate download as a requirement for all instant financial issuance of contactless cards.

    Mastercard Engage Digital First Partner Program

    Entrust provides certified integrated solutions for three of the four pillars in the program:

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    We enable banks to offer digital card issuance.

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    We enable banks to offer automated push provisioning of cards to wallets. Cardholders can transact with their digital cards online and in-stores. We also enable tokenization. Entrust is the only Mastercard partner to offer the "Use” component globally.

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    By offering token lifecycle management, display of the card number or the PIN code, and advanced card controls, we provide peace of mind for the cardholder. Entrust is the only Mastercard partner to offer the "Manage" component globally.

    With Entrust on board as a Mastercard Engage Digital First Partner, our customers will have expanded access to a world-class suite of digital banking solutions and a cutting-edge security portfolio.

    - Jess Turner
    Executive VP, Open Banking and Mastercard Developers

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    A legacy partnership

    Physical card issuance has been core to Entrust and Mastercard’s long-term strategic relationship. Enabling high-volume issuance from the world’s leading central issuers and card bureaus fueled the mass adoption of credit and debit cards.

    More importantly, the strategic partnership has provided vital innovations – including our digital card solution – enhancing security and reducing friction for consumers, issuers, and merchants.

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