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Company Description

AliasLab, part of TeamSystem Group, provides security and digital signature expertise including software development services, consulting and system integration for banking, insurance, corporate (enterprise) and public administration markets.

AliasLab IDSign electronic signature solution enables customers to sign PDF document of any kind, with any signing method, in accordance with regulatory requirements. IDSign integrates with Entrust nShield® hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect underpinning signature keys in compliance with the requirements defined by the eIDAS regulation including simple and advance electronic signatures and qualified electronic signature.

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  • PartnerPlus
  • Reseller
    • Data Protection Solutions
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  • nFinity Partner Program
  • nFinity HSM
    • Digital Signing, Code Signing
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

AliasLab and Entrust deliver eIDAS compliant electronic signatures

Solution provides strong remote authentication, always secured, everywhere and on every device