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Woman holding financial card and using a laptop

Increase engagement with messaging tailored to consumers

Every day, consumers are exposed to between 4,000 – 10,000 ads, making it a challenge to capture their attention. But the direct ROI from an engaging and personalized message can be well worth the effort. For instance, 72% of consumers only engage with marketing messages that are customized to their specific interests. Digging into those specific interests and offering personalization benefits long-term revenue and reduces acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lifts revenue by 5%-15%, and increases marketing spend efficiency by 10%-30%.

Man holding financial card and using a laptop

Personalization drives revenue generation

In the financial issuance industry, the payment card is the most direct connection between the bank and the customer. Because of this, the payment card is going to be an important tool for the bank to use in capturing data related to the cardholder’s buying behaviors and bank interaction. Our suggestion to better connect with their customers to build loyalty, strengthen brand recognition, offer additional financial solutions, and share product offerings will be to leverage on the card packaging and the label is the one thing that always gets looked at because the cardholder has to physically touch it to remove it before use. Why not grab their attention before they dispose of it? On-demand, personalized labels can go beyond the “activate now” message to things like a QR activation code or a cross-promotion to drive additional business.

promo label

Customized card label

  1. Personalized Name
    • Bring out the feel-good feeling by adding the customer by their first name
    • Reiterate that they are not just another customer
  2. Creative Background
    • Aligned branding and imagery with the card design and card theme
  3. Defined Messaging
    • Short and concise messaging attracts attention
    • Relevant message entices customer to learn more
  4. Drive Customer to Act
    • Provide a QR code to drive the customer to your website to learn more or for easy activation
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