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Datacard DX5100 Card Delivery System

The Datacard DX5100 Card Delivery System is the perfect system for high-volume issuers who demand reliability, uptime, and efficiency. This system seamlessly handles the realities of today’s card operation — including smaller job sizes, quick turns, and highly targeted consumer messages. The DX5100 System gives you real-world productivity, control, and accuracy at speeds up to 3,500 CPH. Plus, it includes the Datacard advantage of modularity and flexibility. High-volume mail production demands reliability, flexibility and minimal down time.

DX5100 is uniquely designed to use the same software and data set ups as the Datacard MX Series Systems for ease of use and implementation, allowing you to focus on card attaching and envelope inserting. This stand-alone card delivery system brings quality and modularity to seamlessly meet changing consumer preferences, and it is the perfect compliment to any MX Series System.


Streamlined Data Flow

Both card personalization and card delivery systems use one string of data providing continuity for data set ups and file names — resulting in increased data security and reduced IT formatting.

Maximum uptime

With built in automation for digital change overs of job set-ups throughout the process, you can save time with minimal operator intervention while maintaining maximum system uptime and data security. Dynamic key automation of card placement, folds, selective inserting, and diverts helps build larger jobs sizes and improves uptime. Realize new levels of efficiency with this system built for next generation throughput.

Innovative Technology

Engineered to support unique technologies such as the Card Carrier Sorter Module, which reduces the frequency of stops to help drive larger batch sizes, and the Color Label Printing Module, which prints on-demand, full-color card labels.

Feature-rich Functionality

Enhanced functionality allows you to print and fulfill any mailing, any way you choose. Features include near-edge full-color printing of pre-printed card carriers, full sheet, and standard insert options and mail divert capabilities to rank important deliveries and organize output.

Mail Package Integrity

Verification options throughout the entire system to help ensure the correct card, carrier, and inserts are delivered to the right cardholder, every time. Full package integrity from card to envelope.

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