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How to create a CAA record on Google Cloud DNS for Entrust Email Validation ?

Requirements :
  1. Google Cloud account ready and activated.
  2. Your own fully functional FQDN

Step by step to add a CAA record on Google Cloud DNS:
1. Login to your Google Cloud
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2. On the Google Cloud Platform, go to Network Services and then select Cloud DNS to open the Cloud DNS administration page.
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3. The Google Cloud DNS configuration site will be opened. You will see your current zone record inside this page. For example below is entrustzonelab. 
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4. Click on your Zone name, the detail settings information for your zone record will be opened.
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5. Click on Add Record Set. Type the below entries to the record:
DNS Name :Your domain name. Example:
Resource Record Type :CAA
Certificate Authority Authorization:0 contactemail “your email address”
Example : 0 contactemail “[email protected]
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Click on Create button to save the entry and at this point your CAA record has been created inside your zone file.
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