Trust proven cryptographic solutions that address complex cloud security challenges

As enterprises continue to adopt cloud computing and storage, the protection of sensitive data and systems is a top priority. Learn how we help global organizations meet their cloud security challenges head on.

nShield® as a Service gives you full access to FIPS and Common Criteria certified Entrust nShield HSMs without the maintenance overhead associated with on-premises devices. Quickly scale your crypto capabilities, including tapping into the unique CodeSafe protected execution environment.

With the Entrust nShield Bring Your Own Key option, you can capitalize on the breadth of services offered by public cloud providers while staying in control of your critical keys – and data. Bring your own key to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The nShield Web Services Option Pack provides access to cryptographic functionality via web services calls. Use a familiar, REST-like API for applications requiring cryptographic key and data protection.

The nShield Container Option Pack gives your developers access to high-assurance HSMs when containerized applications handle sensitive information. Bring HSM-level security to your containerized deployments.

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