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The Entrust Authority Security Manager Comprehensive course is an in-depth, hands-on treatment of the Entrust Authority Security Manager solution. The platform is designed to manage the digital keys and certificates that make up the digital identities required to transparently automate all security-related processes in an organization. This course provides students a thorough knowledge of the Entrust PKI components and how to work with them, allowing each student to plan, install, configure and manage their own infrastructure in classroom labs.

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Entrust Authority Security Manager Comprehensive is a five-day, hands-on overview of Entrust Authority Security Manager and the components of the Entrust public-key infrastructure. The introductory lessons of this course provide participants with background information on the organizational requirements related to data security and the cryptographic operations used to satisfy these requirements.

The concept of the digital ID is introduced which leads into a discussion about digital certificates and the functionality of the Certification Authority. Entrust Authority Security Manager serves as the Certification Authority in the Entrust public-key infrastructure. Participants will install, configure and initialize Entrust Authority Security Manager on their server computer, along with the administration interfaces and client desktop client software. Participants will assume the different roles in the infrastructure to learn how to manage digital IDs for users and devices, customize policies, create and assign roles and organize the user community. Advanced customization will be performed through manual editing of the certificate specification file.

Finally, trust will be extended between the different Certification Authorities in the classroom through cross-certification. Hands-on exercises at the end of each section provide participants with the ability to apply the knowledge gained through the lecture segment of each lesson.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the steps in the encryption and digital signature operations
  • Identify the contents of the digital ID and the need for digital certificates
  • Identify the components of the public-key infrastructure (both required and optional) and describe the role of the Certification Authority
  • Install, configure and initialize Entrust Authority Security Manager on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Assume the roles used in the public-key infrastructure, including Master User, Security Officer, Administrator, Auditor, Directory Administrator, and End User and identify their characteristics
  • Install and configure management and client software on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Register and activate digital IDs for administrative users, end users and devices
  • Identify the various security stores that can be used to store digital IDs
  • Perform typical management operations on users and devices
  • Implement the organization’s security policy by customizing policies and certificate specifications
  • Supplement the built-in certificate types available in Entrust Authority Security Manager by creating additional customized types
  • Customize the administrative environment through the use of groups, searchbases, roles, and templates
  • Assess logging information generated by Entrust Authority Security Manager
  • Recover from disaster scenarios related to digital IDs, the Directory, and Entrust Authority Security Manager


The Entrust Authority Security Manager Comprehensive course includes the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Security concepts

Lesson 2 - Digital certificates

Lesson 3 - Entrust Certification Authority

Lesson 4 - Entrust public-key infrastructure

Lesson 5 - The role of the Directory

Lesson 6 - Installing Entrust Authority Security Manager

Lesson 7 - Entrust Authority Security Manager Control Command Shell

Lesson 8 - Registering and activating administrative users

Lesson 9 - Managing key pairs

Lesson 10 - Entrust Entelligence Security Provider

Lesson 11 - Managing users

Lesson 12 - Distributing revocation information

Lesson 13 - Web certificates

Lesson 14 - General security policy

Lesson 15 - Client policies

Lesson 16 - Roles and permissions

Lesson 17 - Certificate definition policies

Lesson 18 - Customizing certificate specifications

Lesson 19 - Organizing users

Lesson 20 - Bulk operations

Lesson 21 - Logging and reporting

Lesson 22 - Cross-certification

Lesson 23 - Hierarchical cross-certification

Lesson 24 - Disaster recovery

Appendix A - Entrust Authority Administration Services

Appendix B - Entrust Authority Enrollment Server for Web