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Entrust Connect provides a native Azure portal web application that enables enterprises to natively manage the complete certificate lifecycle of a broad range of public TLS/SSL certificates. It simplifies the day-to-day lifecycle activity surrounding certificate management, all from a single dashboard.


  • Setup Entrust Connect to integrate with Microsoft Azure Key Vault to provide public TLS/SSL certificates to applications in Azure.
  • Secure Microsoft Azure applications with a broad range of public TLS/SSL certificates including EV, OV, Multi-domain and Wildcard certificates.
  • Streamlined TLS/SSL certificate management and active certificate reporting through a native Microsoft Azure portal experience with similar Entrust look and feel.
  • Complete TLS/SSL certificate life cycle management capabilities that cover enrollments, renewals, reissues, revocation and installation.


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Scalable certificate issuance

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Future-proof certificate management

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Complete certificate life cycle management

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Complete certificate life cycle management

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Enhanced visibility and reporting

Entrust Connect for Microsoft Azure Solution Brief