Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Extended Validation

Commitment to Trust

Entrust is committed to conforming to the CA/Browser Forum Guidelines for Extended Validation (EV) Certificates (“Guidelines”). The current version of the Guidelines can be found at http://www.cabforum.org.

EV Certificate Practices

Entrust’s EV certificate practices, policies and procedures conform to the Guidelines. Our practices are summarized in our Certificate Practices Statement (CPS) which can be found here.

Entrust's EV Policy OID is: 2.16.840.1.114028.10.1.2

The ability and the commitment to perform certificate revocation is key to trusting EV certificate. Our certificate revocation guidelines are found in our CPS.

Subscribers can request that their own certificate be revoked by following the instructions here.

EV Certificate Misuse

Suspected abuse, misuse, key compromise, or any other inappropriate conduct related to EV Certificates can be reported to Entrust any time, night or day. Please feel free to contact us to report your complaint.

EV Certificate Authority Hierarchy

EV Root CA:
Entrust Root Certification Authority
Key Identifier: 68 90 e4 67 a4 a6 53 80 c7 86 66 a4 f1 f7 4b 43 fb 84 bd 6d
SHA-1 Thumbprint: b3 1e b1 b7 40 e3 6c 84 02 da dc 37 d4 4d f5 d4 67 49 52 f9

EV Issuing CAs:
Entrust Certification Authority L1A
Key Identifier: 7e b7 fc 4c 26 e6 b0 7a fb 54 e2 3c 45 73 c6 43 90 5e 28 04
SHA-1 Thumbprint: 82 39 a6 35 43 38 5f d4 18 fa 86 3c e2 f8 b3 bb 0f 21 34 e7

Entrust Certification Authority — L1E
Key Identifier: 5b 41 8a b2 c4 43 c1 bd bf c8 54 41 55 9d e0 96 ad ff b9 a1
SHA-1 Thumbprint: 17 9a 76 96 db 43 22 81 3f 1c 95 72 b8 50 33 84 1d ec 02 0e

For any questions or comments, or to report the fraudulent use of Entrust’s Extended Validation contact us.


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