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Why Mobile Will Transform Enterprise Authentication

Currently, around 25 percent of the world’s population uses a smartphone. By 2017, that number is projected to reach one-third. Today, the average person spends the better part of three hours a day on his or her mobile device. Of these 162 daily minutes, the vast majority — 86 percent — will be spent on mobile apps. For the typical person, 23 days of the year will be spent on their phone.

Simply put, the mobile device is part and parcel of daily life. It’s fundamentally changed the way consumers behave, and this influence has spread to the enterprise sector as well. For instance, patron‑owned mobile devices have largely helped pave the way for the widespread emergence of bring-your-own‑device (BYOD) policies. Ten years ago, the idea of a company employee logging into the enterprise system while they’re on an airplane over the Atlantic would seem far‑fetched, but today such behavior is relatively commonplace. Mobility is changing how we shop, work and live our daily lives. Mobile is transforming Enterprise Authentication.

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