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White Paper: Why Mobile Is the Next Digital Identity

How can this growing acceptance of the mobile platform — across geographies, verticals, cultures and even age groups — be leveraged and extended to secure traditional digital identities in both the physical and online spaces?

It starts with the development of mobile platforms, where proven security was deliberate from the draft stages. This wasn’t always the case with today’s desktop PCs, where legacy techniques such as application-hooking still leave windows of app-to-app communication that may be exploitable by well-funded criminal organizations.

Another critical shift is the comfort level end-users have with their personal mobile devices. Executing tasks and making decisions is the norm, which now leads to greater adoption of mobile security controls.

Even the most novice users are quite adept at navigating the operating systems on today’s smartphones. This global understanding was never so universal on the desktop. This white paper explores the birth of the mobile platform, identities shifts in trust, and explains specific technical reasons that mobile devise are more secure than today’s standard desktop PC.

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