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Strong Identity Authentication for First Responders

As stated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, “Local and state emergency response officials must be able to collaborate to ensure public safety. However, for this to happen, many identity management challenges must be overcome.

While federal agencies are rapidly deploying secure common identification standards based on guidance from the White House and other federal entities, state and local emergency response officials are working to establish a Personal Identity Verification-Interoperable (PIV-I) and First Responder Authentication Credential (FRAC) standard that is interoperable between local, state and federal levels.

In the past, physical access to sites would be granted based on personal judgment, rather than on hard identity data. Logical access to computer systems required only a username and password.
Today, Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memorandum M-05-24 and other White House guidance specify that access to all federal computer systems requires secure forms of identification based on smart card technology and identity-proofing procedures.”

Learn which solutions help agencies comply with U.S. Department of Homeland Security First Responder Authentication Credential (FRAC) standards.

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