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Entrust EBA SecurePay Compliance Guide

Today’s consumer lives under the constant threat of identity theft, worrying that attackers will steal their money from their bank or credit card account. Depending on the liability policy in effect for the specific crime, anyone, consumer, retailer or bank alike, could be held accountable for the loss. Online attacks on banking and e-commerce organizations erode customer trust. Breaches lead to negative impact on the bank or e-commerce brand, which can result in loss of customers. Therefore, security risks and erosion of trust emerge as major concerns even though moving services online provides great opportunities for financial and retail organizations to grow their revenues and customer base.

Entrust’s EBA SecurePay Compliance Guide discusses the security risk types that threaten businesses and highlight’s Entrust IdentityGuard’s compliance with the European Central Bank’s Assessment Guide for the Security of Internet payments.

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