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CJIS Compliance: Deploying Advanced Authentication for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Organizations

In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division provides a central source of law enforcement-related information.

CJIS securely stores information on criminal groups and activities, biometric data, case histories, as well as other data for law enforcement, academic research, community awareness and support.To help protect access to this sensitive information, a strict set of security controls is defined in the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy and must be adhered to by organizations that access CJIS information.

Applicable to criminal and non-criminal agencies alike, the policy provides a “minimum set of security requirements” for access to the CJIS database maintained by the FBI.

These requirements help ensure the security of sensitive information and provide guidance in the protection of critical Criminal Justice Information (CJI) — “from creation through dissemination; whether at rest or in transit.”

The FBI’s CJIS Security Policy (Section requires organizations to implement advanced authentication controls to securely and properly access the CJIS database from non-secure locations.

Learn the reasons behind this policy change, understand the strategy for advanced authentication and review the options available to organizations to meet the stronger authentication requirements.

Download this complimentary white paper to help serve as a checklist for ensuring your agency or department meets CJIS compliance requirements.

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