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71% of UK C-suite willing to cover up a data breach if they could escape fines finds nCipher survey

May 29, 2019
Survey of UK IT leaders reveals impact of regulatory challenges, emerging technologies and employee engagement on security priorities

nCipher Security showcases market leading cryptographic key management solutions at Infosecurity Europe 2019

May 23, 2019
nCipher Security will showcase its high assurance cryptographic and key management solutions at Infosecurity Europe, Olympia, London, June 4-6, 2019.

Marking GDPR anniversary, nCipher survey reveals Americans’ data privacy attitudes

May 22, 2019
Research shows personal data privacy is hot-button issue in America, where distrust runs high

Employee mistakes #1 threat to data security in Hong Kong and Taiwan; Cloud adoption driving encryption says nCipher

May 22, 2019
nCipher Security, the provider of trust, integrity and control for business critical information and applications, revealed that close to half (48%) of organisations in Hong Kong and Taiwan cite “employee mistakes” as their biggest data security threat, more than external hackers (22%) and malicious insiders (17%) combined.

nCipher Survey Reveals Americans Trust Banks Most With Their Personal Data

April 24, 2019
But about half said a cyberattack or lack of a hack notification would erode that trust

nCipher and Credence Security extend distribution agreement to meet data security and encryption needs across Middle East and Africa

April 18, 2019
nCipher Security announce they are extending their agreement to offer data protection and cybersecurity solutions across the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa to meet the growing demands of customers.

nCipher: Middle East prioritizing encryption for cloud, IoT and emerging technologies finds 2019 Encryption Trends Study

March 31, 2019
nCipher Security announces that emerging technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and Docker containers are being deployed at a growing rate throughout the Middle East, as is the use of the cloud.

nCipher: New digital initiatives, IoT and cloud adoption driving the use of trusted cryptography revealed by 2019 Global Encryption Trends Study

March 28, 2019
With corporate data breaches making the headlines on an almost daily basis, the deployment of an overall encryption strategy by organizations around the world has steadily increased.

eCurrency chooses nCipher to accelerate its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) solution

March 20, 2019
As central banks embrace prospect of digital currencies, ensuring hardened security a foremost priority

nCipher Research Exposes Americans’ Personal Data Security Anxieties

March 14, 2019
nCipher Security announces new research that exposes Americans’ lack of trust about personal data security, their leading concerns in this area, and what organizations can do to gain their confidence at a time when breaches and cyberattacks are on the rise.
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