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How to create a CAA record on DynDNS for Entrust Email Validation Method?

  • You need an active account with Dyn Managed DNS
  • Your DNS zone is already setup 

Here is the process:

1. Login to your Dyn Managed DNS account. 
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2. You will be directed to the dashboard.
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3. On the dashboard on the Zones section, you should see the list of your Zone names. Click on the Manage link to open your zone information.
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4. Your zone record will show as below:
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5. Click on the dropdown menu to Add a New Record. Scroll all the way down and select the option CAA (Certification Authority Auth).
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6. Fill in the information as below:
TTL :Leave it as default
Value*:"your email address"
NOTE : You can type your designated email address here.
Example : [email protected]

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7. Click the Add button to save your record. You should be directed back to your Zone dashboard area and there will be a Zone Message notification to remind you about the changes. Select Review Changes and Publish! to proceed.

8. Click on Publish Zone to complete the process.
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NOTE: You need to Publish the record to make it active on your DNS.

At this point, the CAA record has been added.
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