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ECS Lite Migration FAQ


Entrust is retiring the ECS Lite account and have launched a new experience called ECS Starter. There are many benefits and to assist you with the migration to the new experience, we have created this FAQ document to assist you.

What is changing?

Entrust has simplified our web certificate product range, allowing customers to easily select the right Entrust TLS/SSL product for their needs.

Please reference the following chart for assistance identifying the new name of your previous product.

Product name chart

What will trigger an upgrade to the new Certificate Service account?

The upgrade to a new ECS account is triggered when any of the following actions are carried out from within your ECS Lite account:

•    Buying a new certificate

•    Renewing an existing certificate PLEASE NOTE: Reissuing an existing certificate will not trigger your account to be migrated.

Why should the same email address be used at checkout?

Using the same email address at checkout will link any other existing orders associated with your current ECS Lite account within the newly upgraded Certificate Services experience. This will allow the management of active certificates, such as reissue and revocation.

Can the ECS Lite account be accessed after completing the checkout?

No. However, by using the same email address at the time of the checkout, you will have access to manage your TLS/SSL active certificates from your new Certificate Services account.

Where can existing certificates in the new Entrust Certificate Services account be viewed?

After logging into the new Certificate Services account, click on the "Certificates" menu, then "Migrated Certificates."  It will display your active and pending certificates.

How can existing TLS/SSL certificates be renewed from the new Certificate Services account?

After logging into the new Certificate Services account, you will be prompted to submit an "Organization" for verification. As part of the process, Entrust will verify the Organization and may contact the designated individuals identified during the submission. A domain name will need to be added to complete the verification using one of Entrust's supported domain verification methods.

Once Entrust has completed the vetting of the organization and domain(s), click the "Create your certificate" step to create a TLS/SSL certificate.

Is an organization and domain name submission required each time a certificate is created?

Submitting an organization and domain for verification is unnecessary if the new TLS/SSL certificate includes the same Organization and domain name. If the new TLS/SSL certificate contains a new domain but the same organization name, only a domain name needs to be submitted and verified.