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Bloombase StoreSafe, nCipher nShield Connect HSMs and nShield Remote Administration for Data-at-Rest Encryption

September 02, 2021
This document describes the steps carried out to integrate Entrust nShield Connect HSMs and Remote Administration with Bloombase StoreSafe software appliance on VMware ESXi to deliver high resilient transparent storage encryption for mission critical applications.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms-nShield® HSM Integration Guide

August 25, 2021
Adobe Experience Manager Forms is an end-to-end digital document solution that makes it possible to create responsive forms that customers can complete and securely e-sign. Digital signatures in AEM Forms can use credentials stored in an Entrust nShield HSM to apply server-side digital signatures.

Entrust CodeSafe Data Sheet

August 19, 2021
CodeSafe is a set of tools that enable developers to write and execute sensitive applications inside the tamper-resistant boundary of FIPS certified nShield HSMs.
Data Sheets

Entrust CodeSafe Data Sheet (Japanese)

August 19, 2021
CodeSafeは、FIPS認定を受けたnShield HSMの耐タンパ境界内で、開発者による機密アプリケーションの作成および実行を可能にするツールセットです。

Axway Validation Authority and nShield HSM Integration Guide

August 17, 2021
The Axway Validation Authority (VA) server is a high-performance Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) server for distribution of certificate revocation information for certificates issues by and certification authority (CA).
Integration Guides

NGINX Server and nShield® HSM

August 17, 2021
You can integrate the Entrust nShield HSMs with NGINX to generate 2048-bit RSA key pairs for SSL and protect the private keys within a FIPS 140-2 certified hardware security module.

F5 BIG-IP Platform and nShield HSM Integration Guide

July 28, 2021
The nShield product is an external HSM that is available for use with BIG-IP systems. Because it is network-based, you can use the nShield solution with all BIG-IP platforms, including VIPRION® Series chassis and BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE).

CyberArk Privilege Access Security Enterprise Password Vault nShield HSM Integration Guide

July 28, 2021
CyberArk Privilege Access Security Enterprise Password Vault (CyberArk PAS EPV) manages privileged credentials and access rights. This integration guide provides the steps to integrate CyberArk PAS EPV with an nShield Hardware Security Modules (HSM). The integration uses the PKCS #11 cryptographic API.

Palo Alto Networks Firewall nShield HSM Integration Guide

July 20, 2021
This Integration Guide describes the deployment of a Palo Alto Networks Firewall with an nShield Connect hardware security module (HSM). The HSM securely generates and stores digital keys. It provides both logical and physical protection from non-authorized use and potential adversaries. The HSM-Firewall integration provides security by protecting the master keys. The HSM can also provide protection for the private keys used in SSL/TLS decryption, both in SSL forward proxy and SSL inbound inspection.

Microsoft IIS nShield HSM Integration Guide

July 13, 2021
This guide describes the integration of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server with Entrust nShield® hardware security modules (HSMs). The integration of the nShield HSMs with IIS provides full key life-cycle management with FIPS-certified hardware and reduces the cryptographic load on the host server CPU.
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