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Entrust Enables Antel to Build Digital Identity and Signing Infrastructure for Uruguay

November 10, 2021
Antel chose Entrust over competitors because of its cloud security capabilities, ease of deployment and flexibility for users.
Integration Guides

Microsoft AD Federation Service nShield HSM Integration Guide

November 02, 2021
Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is an installable component of the Microsoft Windows operating System. Once configured it provides the facility for single sign on for credential sharing and access control between trusted business partners (known as a federation) and across multiple business boundaries via a claims based authorization process using standards-based protocols such as https.

Securing Entrust Certificate Authority Using Primus Hardware Security Module

November 01, 2021
This document describes how to integrate Securosys Primus HSM or CloudsHSM service with Entrust Certificate Authority (Security Manager 10 or 8.3), to generate and use Security Managers key material within the protected boundary of Securosys Hardware Security Modules.

Enhance the Security of Certification Authority with Securosys Primus HSM

November 01, 2021
Entrust and Securosys have teamed up to offer a high performing solution that integrates the best of both companies’ security technologies to ensure trusted identity, signing and encryption, while knowing your privates keys are safe and secure.

HSMs: On-Premises vs. Cloud

October 29, 2021
This infographic offers up things to consider when choosing between physical Entrust nShield HSMs and nShield HSM as a Service (or a hybrid model).

Top 5 Reasons to Use nShield HSM as a Service

October 29, 2021
This infographic shows you how our subscription-based HSM solution can help you advance your cloud strategy without sacrificing security.

Entrust nShield as a Service Data Sheet

October 29, 2021
nShield as a Service is a subscription-based solution for generating, accessing, and protecting cryptographic key material, separately from sensitive data. The solution uses dedicated FIPS 140-2 and eIDAS (EN 419 221-5) certified nShield Connect HSMs.

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine nShield® HSM Integration Guide

October 27, 2021
This guide describes the steps to integrate the nShield Container Option Pack (nSCOP) with the Mirantis Container Cloud. The nSCOP provides application developers, within a container-based environment, the ability to access the cryptographic functionality of an nShield Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Entrust nShield QSCD helps SIGNIUS provide eIDAS-compliant remote document signing

October 27, 2021
Read how SIGNIUS developed a cloud and on-premises document and contract signing platform with an Entrust nShield HSM as a Qualified Signature Creation Device, providing an end-to-end digital contract management and eIDAS-compliant remote signing service, with strong and flexible customer identification.

Microsoft ADCS and NDES nShield® HSM Integration Guide for Microsoft Windows Server

October 15, 2021
This document describes how to integrate the Microsoft Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES) with the Entrust nShield hardware security module (HSM) as a Root of Trust for storage encryption, to protect the private keys and meet FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or Level 3.
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