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Integration Guide

HashiCorp Vault Enterprise v1.10 and nShield HSM

May 31, 2022
HashiCorp Vault Enterprise (referred to as Vault in this guide) supports the creation/storage of keys within Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).
Integration Guide

HashiCorp Vault Enterprise and Kubernetes Support nShield® HSM Integration Guide

May 25, 2022
This guide describes how to integrate the HashiCorp Vault Enterprise with an nShield HSM on a server, or on a Kubernetes environment.
Integration Guide

BeyondTrust (BeyondInsight) - Entrust nShield® HSM Integration Guide

May 23, 2022
This document provides the procedures to configure and manage an nShield HSM for use with the BeyondTrust BeyondInsight centralized management, reporting, and threat analytics privilege access management platform.
Integration Guide

OneSpan Authentication Server Framework

May 23, 2022
This document describes the integration of OneSpan Authentication Server Framework with the Entrust CodeSafe solution. This uses an Entrust nShield Hardware Security Module (HSM) root of trust.
Integration Guide

Oracle MySQL and Entrust KeyControl Integration Guide

May 12, 2022
This document describes the configuration of Oracle MySQL Enterprise Server 8.0.29 for integration with the Entrust KeyControl 5.5 key management solution.
Integration Guide

Adobe Experience Manager Forms-nShield® HSM Integration Guide

May 09, 2022
Adobe Experience Manager Forms is an end-to-end digital document solution that makes it possible to create responsive forms that customers can complete and securely e-sign. Digital signatures in AEM Forms can use credentials stored in an Entrust nShield HSM to apply server-side digital signatures.
Integration Guide

Thales Luna HSM and Luna Cloud HSM and Entrust Security Manager 10

April 28, 2022
The Entrust Authority Security Manager (EASM) serves as the Certification Authority (CA) in the Entrust public key infrastructure.
Integration Guide

Delinea Secret Server nShield HSM Integration Guide

April 21, 2022
This document describes the procedure to integrate Secret Server with the nShield Connect HSM.
White Paper

nShield Security World Architecture White Paper

April 13, 2022
The nShield Security World architecture supports a specialized key management framework that spans the entire nShield family of general purpose hardware security modules (HSMs).
Integration Guide

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Always Encrypted nShield HSM Integration Guide

April 08, 2022
Always Encrypted is a feature in Windows SQL Server 2019 designed to protect sensitive data both at rest and in flight between an on-premises client application server and Azure or SQL Server database(s). Data protected by Always Encrypted remains in an encrypted state until it has reached the on–premises client application server, this effectively mitigates man in the middle attacks and provides assurances against unauthorized activity from rogue DBAs or admins with access to Azure/SQL server Databases. Always Encrypted was designed to be used in conjunction with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) however; TDE is NOT a requisite for implementing Always Encrypted.
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