Proteja suas operações de fabricação de alta tecnologia e produza dispositivos com capacidades de segurança inerentes

The connected devices produced by high-tech manufacturers are attractive targets for cybercriminals, who seek opportunities to use devices for illicit activities, such as man-in-the-middle attacks, intercepted/manipulated data-in-transit and more. Entrust nShield® HSMs and data encryption solutions are trusted by manufacturers worldwide to address today's high-tech manufacturing security challenges.


    Attacks on Connected Devices

    Devices or attackers impersonating a trusted device or user could use that status to conduct a range of illicit activities, such as a man-in-the-middle attack, tapping into corporate networks, and more. Advanced persistent threats can take control of device software to steal customer information or intellectual property.

    Introduzir código não autorizado

    A segurança insuficiente sobre atualizações de código pode permitir aos hackers um ponto de entrada no dispositivo para lançar ataques ou roubar dados do próprio dispositivo. Sem medidas de segurança adequadas na fábrica, o código não autorizado também pode ser introduzido durante o próprio processo de produção.

    Execução de produção não autorizada

    Unsecured manufacturing processes can lead to production of unauthorized units that can be sold on the black market, either with authentic branding or white labeled. This exposes the organization to significant financial and reputational damage.


    Device Authentication with Digital Certificates

    Manufacturers use Entrust nShield HSMs in conjunction with security applications to secure root signing keys and the issuance of digital certificates, which are injected into connected devices during the production process. Entrust nShield HSMs provides end-to-end protection of the certificate and key generation, and device insertion process, allowing for strong authentication of each device. Read our Polycom case study for a detailed example.

    Secure Software and Firmware Updates

    Without proper security over software and firmware updates, hackers can inject unauthorized code onto devices to launch attacks or establish a trusted connection to corporate networks. With strong authentication in place, using HSMs to establish a root of trust, the device can validate that any code being introduced comes from a trusted publisher.

    Assinatura de código forte

    The best practice to confirm the integrity of code updates and defend against the risks associated with software tampering is to ensure that code is signed highly secure signing processes with private signing keys protected by HSMs. Entrust nShield HSMs are trusted by manufacturers worldwide to secure their critical keys.


    Proteção contra danos de marca e financeiros

    Ao se proteger contra a produção de unidades não autorizadas você pode reduzir os danos à marca e os danos financeiros associados ao desenvolvimento excessivo e à clonagem, especialmente em instalações de fabricação remota.

    Ensure Only Authorized Code is Running on Devices

    By allowing only unauthorized code to run on devices you can defend against:

    • Hacker using the device's trusted status to tap into networks or conduct man-in-the-middle attacks
    • Software that sidesteps organizational policies
    • Erroneous or malicious code introduced by vendors in your supply chain

    Economia de custos e oportunidades de receita

    Com a capacidade de atualizar dispositivos em funcionamento, você pode reduzir o tempo e os custos associados às atualizações presenciais. Você também pode fornecer atualizações de firmware que geram novas oportunidades de receita melhorando o desempenho do produto ou criando funcionalidades adicionais.


    Analyst Report: The Role of Authentication in Manufacturing IoT

    This paper addresses the authentication challenges facing IoT device manufacturers as well as device users, and enumerates resulting business impacts and specific recommendations.

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