Providing Secure Legal Information Online Enables Higher Productivity for FDBL

iStock_000018487654_SmallFragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, P.C. (FDBL) is the world’s largest firm practicing exclusively in the area of global immigration and nationality law for the corporate sector. The firm provides immigration services worldwide to HR departments within multinational corporations and emerging companies as well as to universities and other major organizations that employ foreign nationals on a temporary and permanent basis in the United States and overseas.

FDBL provides services to many of the Fortune 2000 whose employees review the status of their immigration case(s) via a Website that is maintained by the firm.

The Need

Traditionally, visa immigration status updates were provided over the telephone or by courier and often the information took hours to receive due to busy schedules or multiple deliveries. In addition, the firm incurred courier charges associated with sending out paper documents. Furthermore, the firm’s attorneys would often receive numerous calls from clients inquiring about their employee’s immigration status.In an effort to make this process more efficient and cost effective, FDBL decided to move the immigration status updates online. Given the sensitive nature of the information FDBL knew that it had to be protected and decided to use SSL Web Security.

The Challenge

In order to move their immigration status information online, they needed to create and educate their internal staff and their customers about the new online process. With such a broad audience of users, with varying levels of technical knowledge, FDBL wanted security that would be virtually transparent to end users, to enable a higher level of productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, they required a service that could be easily administered and was capable of providing security to thousands of individuals.

The Solution

FDBL selected Entrust Certificate Administrator due to its brand recognition and its timely responsiveness. At the initial deployment stages Entrust worked with FDBL and their service provider to verify that the Web server certificates would integrate with their accelerator boxes — within 48 hours Entrust support and FDBL had it all working.

“The main benefit that we see in the Entrust Certificate Management Service’s Web-based interface is that it provides us with an easy way to manage certificates” Said Jeff Narucki, Director of Technology Development, FDBL. “The enhancements to the interface really streamlines the certificate management process whether it is for live sites,or for internal testing sides — we are able to revoke the certificates immediately. Even with large numbers of certificates this is a painless process. Given the ease of this task I can keep our consultants focused on evolving our systems and dealing with more complex technical issues.”

FDBL also finds value in the Entrust Certificate Management Service’s re-usable and re-deployable Web server certificates. They are able to deactivate and reactivate their certificates when testing their Websites — taking advantage of the re-usable Web server certificate concept. Furthermore, they are able to group their Web Server Certificates so that they have a smaller number of blocks of certificates to review and renew at once.

“As to why we deactivate the certificates instead of letting them run out.We would rather take a proactive stance when it comes to our security model in order to maximize our certificate usage,while protecting our clients’ confidential data. The Entrust Certificate Management Service allows us to maintain a higher level of control,” said Jeff Narucki.

FDBL’s online service has been extremely successful receiving thousands of hits per month. The Entrust solution has had a positive impact because FDBL’s IT Director hardly has to think about it at all and is able to focus on less predictable areas of FDBL’s IT management operations. It also means Jeff can sleep easily at night knowing that FDBL’s Websites are secured — and provide a better customer and user experience overall.