Transform Smartphones into Multipurpose Digital identities
for Secure Physical, Logical & Cloud Access

Taking advantage of near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth standards, Entrust mobile smart credentials embed digital certificates on smartphones to create trusted identity credentials for stronger, more convenient enterprise authentication.

Always on hand, these multipurpose credentials securely access computer workstations, network resources, data, cloud applications, physical doors or buildings, and also enable users to digitally sign transactions and encrypt data.

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Physical &
Logical Access

Mobile Authentication for Physical & Logical Access

icon-phys-logMobile smart credentials securely authenticate user identities to provide seamless access to workstations, computers or other devices. Leveraging NFC, the same smart credentials may grant secure access to facilities, buildings or sensitive areas.

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Identity-Assured Transactions Defeat Malware

icon-malware-preventionIdentity-assured transactions are a proven defense against malware, persistent threats and other online fraud. Move transactions out-of-band to the mobile channel to review exact transaction details, and also provide real-time confirmation and approval from the convenience of a smartphone.

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Mobile Authentication to Cloud Applications

icon-cloudExtend the reach of mobile smart credentials to securely access cloud-based applications such as Salesforce, Google Docs and more.

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Digital Signatures

Mobile Digital Signatures & Encryption

icon-encryption-signaturesDigitally sign data for transaction integrity and non-repudiation controls — right from a mobile device. Anywhere, anytime mobile digital-signing helps streamline business processes with convenient, efficient approvals. Users also may securely encrypt desktop files and communications to protect against unauthorized access.

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