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Get risk-based authentication that works behind the scenes

When users request access, the access context is assessed in real-time by our policy engine. And a decision is made to either grant access or challenge it. By automatically assessing each user login attempt, our technology speeds access to important data for the users who need it and are authorized to access it.

What is risk-based adaptive authentication?

Risk-based adaptive authentication considers a user's risk level when authenticating them to access a resource or system. The risk score is calculated by evaluating various factors such as location from which they are authenticating, type of device they are using, whether they are logging in from an IP address for a restricted geography, etc.

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How does it work?

how does risk-based adaptive authentication work?

Experience the Benefits of Risk-Based Adaptive Authentication

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Prevent Unauthorized Access

To systems and data by requiring additional verification steps for high-risk users or activities.

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Improve the User Experience

By reducing the number of required login steps when risk is low.

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To the specific needs of an organization, allowing for a more tailored approach to security by weighting factors based on the use case.

Identity Portfolio


Identity as a Service

Cloud-based IAM solution with multi-factor authentication (MFA), passwordless access, and SSO.

Identity Enterprise

Identity Enterprise multi-factor authentication establishes and maintains trusted identity for all users, providing strong digital security for your enterprise.

Identity Essentials

Use Identity Essentials to keep your systems and data safe with multi-factor authentication and more.

Our identity portfolio capabilities:


Streamline the onboarding of diverse users and devices with a wide range of technologies.


Ensure both strong security and exceptional user experiences with these best-in-class technologies.

Transact and Manage

Continuously protect against advanced threats with technology from behavior analytics to fraud detection.

The identity portfolio suited to your authentication needs

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Explore the Identity as a Service platform that give you access to best-in-class MFA, SSO, adaptive risk-based authentication, and much more.