End-to-End Digital Identity Confirmation

Authenticate digital ideas to securely communicate with employees, customers, citizens and partners. Deploy end-to-end Web security with unmatched ease-of-use and user transparency.

Offering a choice of strong authentication methods, Entrust TruePass confirms the identities of individuals visiting and using a Web portal. It is easy to deploy and allows users the mobility and flexibility to access a Web portal from any location and on a variety of devices.

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By assigning digital identities to online users, Entrust TruePass provides encryption that makes it possible to protect sensitive information. Digital signatures also may be used to identify and verify parties involved in Web transactions.

  • Zero footprint for easy roll out to end-users
  • Leverage SSL encryption to authenticate online sessions
  • Use roaming capabilities for remote users
  • Deploy single sign-on (SSO) across multiple Web domains
  • Supports for smartcards, tokens and third-party digital identities

Entrust TruePass applies digital signatures to an entire Web page, not only the data entered by a user. This provides true audit and non-repudiation capabilities.


Entrust TruePass offers a unique combination of enhanced security, easy deployment and user flexibility unmatched in the market. The solution is trusted globally to enable:

  • Paper-based processes to be moved online protected by end-to-end and bi-directional encryption
  • Security for existing applications with less integration and programming
  • Multiple methods of strong user authentication
  • Accountability of transactions using digital signatures, digital receipts and encryption for information privacy
  • Single sign-on across multiple domains
  • Easy deployment to millions of users with automatic user enrollment and automatic user password reset capabilities
  • Integration with Entrust GetAccess, an award-winning Web access control solution